Our story

Angus farma Pěčín

"I started breeding Aberdeen Angus in 2002 with six pieces, since then the number of cattle has risen to less than 300."

I originally bought 6 Aberdeen Angus cows (originally from Canada) in 2002 only as a hobby. At that time I owned only 6 hectares of pastures. Over time, hobby has become a major source of living for the whole family. The number of cattle increased from the original six to 243 of which 110 mothers, 4 breeding bulls, 80 calves, 15 bulls and 34 heifers (2014). The number of hectares increased to 180 own and 90 leased mainly from Trhové Sviny or private individuals.

Along with that, it was necessary to purchase many agricultural machinery for soil cultivation and hay drying and hay making. It was also necessary to create facilities for wintering animals.

Thanks to my own ability to breed animals with the use of insemination, I have achieved top results as a breeder of cattle.

This is evidenced by the numerous awards at national and other cattle exhibitions.

Awards and successes

Year 2004

  • 1st place for the amount of meat produced per cow in the 21-50 cows category

Year 2005

  • National winner of "calves younger"
  • National winner of "calves older"
  • 1st Angus Forum - Award for Best Animal
  • 1st place in the category of older calves
  • 2nd place of the amount of meat produced per cow
  • 3rd place best rated bull for material effect
  • 3rd place in the heifers category
  • and many others

In the following years I won many similar awards and became one of the best breeders of Aberdeen Angus breed in the Czech Republic. At present, we exhibit our animals mainly at the meat cattle exhibition in Brno and at the Země živitelka in České Budějovice.

Year 2014

  • Angus show in České Budějovice -of the six categories evaluated, the top five places were occupied, one second and two third places.

Year 2016

  • Record auction -  bull BOXER Red from Pěčín for 250.000, - CZK in OPB Měcholupy

Year 2017

  • Reaching the Total Breeding Value Index - 2nd and 3rd place
  • Top rated bull for exterior selections - 2nd place

Year 2018

  • Record auction - bull Cannon Red from Pěčín for 400.000, - CZK in OPB Cunkov

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